White & Rose clay solid Shampoo

White & Rose clay solid Shampoo

Price in EUR
Approx. 10 EUR


For Oily hair and sensitive scalp
Main Ingredients:
- White Clay
Called also Kaolin, is the mildest clay. It works for sensitive scalp, gently soothing irritations. Stop excess oil production and unclog congested pores.


- Cocoa Butter
Moisturises hair without oily effect. 


- Inulin
Extracted from Chicary (Dandelion Root) is an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair fibres.


- Pure Lavender Oil
It helps promote hair growth, antimicrobial, helps with skin inflammation. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and smells divine!!


  • Make sure to keep your shampoo dry before and after every use and place it on soap dish with drainage to remove any excess water 
  • If you’re using your shampoo on the go, make sure to let it dry before packing. To prevent contamination and breakage, keep your shampoo in a small box or hard container for travelling