who are we?

Minimal Organics is a small family brand. 

We started creating our very own self care products and formulas for ourselves, our family and friends a few years back. The more we learnt about sustainable living and the healing properties of nature, the more intrigued we became about the world of natural care, handmade craft, and what it means to feed our bodies and minds inside and out. In the meantime, we started noticing a growing community around our homemade products and we saw the opportunity to share our passion. After much trial and error, Minimal Organics was born!


We've always believed in 'less is more' and when it comes to our own self care routine, we have always prioritised ritual and story rather than luxury. Instead of over consuming products that we don't identify with, we like to take the time to understand and connect with our products and how they serve our personal needs. This way we are able to minimise waste and enjoy self care consciously. Our aim is to create and share products that we believe make a difference to our health and wellbeing as well as support a minimalist slow living lifestyle.

our values


Shifting the way we consume self care products is one of the main reasons we founded Minimal Organics. We strongly believe in embracing rather than hiding when it come to beauty, and this is directly reflected in the products we choose. Instead of a quick fix beauty routine based on hiding our "imperfections", we like to offer products that are made with time and intention to enhance our natural beauty as well as build healthy habits. 



All our raw materials, textiles and packaging are carefully selected; we use zero plastic, our packaging is compostable and minimal, and our handmade production is local in small batches. Our products are cruelty-free and plant based. At every level, we take the utmost care to respect our planet and we are fully determined to continue to innovate and minimise waste. 



Your health and safety are very important to us. Each of our formulas and designs take months to perfect, we create and test all the products ourselves before putting them out there. The components of our products are certified of high quality and we do not use any toxic ingredients or harmful chemicals in our formulas. 



We believe that skincare is an integral part of a healthy regime, our skin is our biggest organ and it is our point of contact with the outside world. Just like our diet, we must feed our skin the right nutrients, vitamins, proteins, etc... yep, feed!

We make sure that in all of our formulas we offer the highest amount of  active ingredients to provide a superfood combination for your skin.