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who are we?

Minimal Organics is a Swiss brand created by family.

As a family with different skin types, sensitivities, allergies and intolerances, we always struggled to find products that were natural, waste free and efficient for our individual needs. This is why we decided to start creating our very own formulas and self care products for our family and friends a few years back. The more we learnt about the healing properties of nature, the more intrigued we became about the world of natural care, handmade craft, and what it means to feed our bodies and minds inside and out. Very quickly we started noticing the undeniable results as well as a clear shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle by making products ourselves with intention and care.  We were humbled to see a growing community around our newfound lifestyle and craft and we saw the opportunity to share and educate through our products. After much trial and error, Minimal Organics was born!

the founders


Daniela (the daughter)


Marketing Director



Angela (the mother)

Head of product design 

& Development

design process

We truly believe in the idea that 'less is more', and this  is directly reflected in our name 'MINIMAL' Organics as well as in the range of products we offer. Instead of offering an abundance of interchangeable trendy products, we aim to minimise, prioritise and choose to design products that tell a story. It is not only about the end result of the pretty product on a shelve, but how it came to be. Our  design process starts from identifying a need, for example, hand crafted solid shampoos made with the highest percentage of active ingredients for specific skin tendencies, then we scout for the best healthy ingredients from local European suppliers who uphold the same values of ethical sourcing and the final stage is to handcraft each product individually to find the best possible quality, durability and practicality for the user. Our ultimate goal is to create products that we believe make a difference to our health and wellbeing as well as support a social movement towards a more minimalist slow living lifestyle!

production process

We are committed to bringing our values directly to the source by promoting the 'old school' artisanal approach of handcrafting. Handcraft not only allows for a personal human touch and uniqueness to every single product, but it also bridges the disconnect between maker and user. Machines can only do so much, and by using an artisenal approach we are minimising an otherwise resource-intensive modern production system. We want our community to feel connected and empowered by allowing their consumer choice to reflect their innate life principles and offer a fair price that is reflective of the true cost behind every product. All of our products are produced in Switzerland and Spain in a certified lab, using environmentally conscious EU suppliers of our raw materials and fabrics. We optimise our packaging to be as efficient as possible to reduce weight,  waste and over-packaging.

our values

transparency & integrity

Your health and safety are very important to us. Each of our formulas and designs take months to perfect, we create and test all the products ourselves before putting them out there. The components of our products are certified of high quality and we do not use any toxic ingredients or harmful chemicals in our formulas. 

embracing natural beauty

Shifting the way we consume self care products is one of the main reasons we founded Minimal Organics. We strongly believe in embracing natural beauty, and this is directly reflected in the products we choose. Instead of a quick fix beauty routine based on hiding our "imperfections", we like to offer products that are made with time and intention to enhance our natural beauty as well as build healthy habits.  


commitment to sustainability

All our raw materials, textiles and packaging are carefully selected; we use zero plastic, our packaging is biodegradable and minimal, and our handmade production is local in small batches. Our products are cruelty-free and plant based. At every level, we take the utmost care to respect our planet and we are fully determined to continue to innovate and minimise waste. 

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