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Lifestyle: Slow Living

We live in a hyper stimulated world filled with distractions and highly stressful situations. We all know that sometimes (or most of the time) we need to 'slow down', and slowing down has a deeper meaning and philosophy behind it; living slow is a lifestyle shift to live more peacefully and purposefully.

So what exactly is slow living? You may be familiar with the 'slow food', 'slow fashion', and 'slow beauty' movements, which have become increasingly popular in the past years and refer to the conscious making and consumption of food, fashion and natural care that is respectful of the craft, sourced and labelled ethically. Slow living therefore, extends to implementing these principles to everyday life. It means taking care of ourselves as well as supporting our communities and our planet on a daily basis. Ultimately, it is a cultural shift from quick fixes, multitasking, rushed living, invasive treatments and unconscious consumption to a more holistic, minimalistic and personalised way of life.

Slow living is not only about making choices from the heart, but it is also about our interaction with those choices. Re evaluating the how and why and taking time to embrace rituals that are meaningful to us will help us enjoy the process rather than only focus on the end results. Basically, living mindfully with joy in the present moment.

So how can you start living slow?


Intentionally create moments for yourself out of each day to practice any type of self care. Whether it is taking a break and sitting outside to slowly sip your cup of tea, closing your eyes and listening to your heartbeat, taking a bath with natural scents and healing music, or simply going for a walk around the block without your phone. It can be any type of activity that is voluntary and that brings you uninterrupted joy. The more you implement these precious moments into your life, the sooner living slow will become a natural habit.


It is fairly evident that slow living means paying attention to what we choose to bring into our lives, as mentioned before this can be the clothes we wear (where do they come from, who and how were they made?), the food we eat (is it mass produced? local? Is it a choice you're making from the heart or out of convenience?), or skincare products (do they have clean ingredients, how are they made, how do these products meet your personal needs and principles?). Everything you own should have a meaningful story and everything you consume should bring you joy.


There is no specific guideline to slow living. It is a personal lifestyle choice that you can absolutely make your own! Take a moment to think what is important to you in this moment, and find your own way to make this a priority on a daily basis by dedicating the time and intention. More and more you will realise if you need to 'slow down' a little more or maybe you've found the perfect balance for yourself. Either way it is not about an end goal, it is about enjoying and appreciating the moment :).


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