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What is natural skincare?

More than ever before, there is a universal rise in conscious and responsible skincare consumption.

When it comes to skincare, self care or beauty products, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact of our choices on the environment and our health.

Natural skincare is a general term used for products made from natural ingredients. However, natural care has a lot of layers to it and there are some other terms used to specify and breakdown the different areas involved in 'natural' products.


Clean beauty relates to the transparency and integrity of products. This includes correct labelling and ingredient disclosure as well as honest durability and benefit claims. More specifically, clean beauty means the selection of non-toxic components or unhygienic production methods that may be harmful to our health. Whether the ingredients are natural or man made, clean beauty implies that all the ingredients used have undergone the necessary regulatory checks to ensure their safety and reliability.


The label green beauty is used to emphasise sustainability as a top priority. 'Green beauty' demands sustainability at every level from safe manufacturing practices, cruelty free products, sustainable packaging, fair distribution and consumption.


The term 'blue beauty' stems from the green beauty movement. Just like the term green beauty, it places the utmost importance on the ecological impact of our products. More specifically, it emphasises on the protection of marine life at every level of the supply chain. For example, not using micro-plastic, ensuring ethical sourcing and avoiding waste of harmful chemicals that end up inevitably in the ocean.


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