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Why resting your eyes is so important

Our eyes help us navigate every day life. From the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep, our eyes receive constant stimulation. Just like every other muscle in our bodies, our eyes need mindful rest periods in order to release tension and strain. Resting our eyes is especially important nowadays as we tend to spend a big portion of our days staring at screens and often forgetting to take an active break.

Moreover, relaxing our optic nerve from over stimulation will help relax the whole nervous system and it will make a huge difference in our mental as well as physical state. When we hold tension in our body, it is more difficult for our minds to release. If you practice meditation or yoga you already know how closing your eyes is an essential tool to quiet the mind.

The best way to rest our eyes is by shutting out the light. You can do this in various ways:

1. Palming

Rub the palms of your hands together until you feel heat between them. Cup your closed eyes with your hands and breathe deeply. It helps to focus your attention on another sense, for example your sense of hearing. Focusing on the sound of your breath, or the sound of the wind will allow your eyes to melt even deeper into relaxation.

2. Eye mask

Wearing an eye mask either before bed or for short periods of time during the day is a simple and easy solution to help alleviate eye strain and tiredness. Preferably wear a mask made of soft natural materials, which are light, easy on your skin and don't create any tightness around your head.

3. Eye pillow

Eye pillows are usually filled with grains that create some acupressure allowing the eye muscles to decompress as well as create a sense of warmth. Eye pillows usually have scented aromas in their fillings, allowing your sense of smell to activate and create a therapeutic relaxing effect. These are especially helpful if you suffer for tension headaches, jaw clenching, or strained breath.

If you want to implement this lovely ritual into your everyday life, you can check out our eye masks and eye pillows handmade 100% from organic ingredients and soft sustainable fabric.


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