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DIY: Foot soak Ritual

Our feet are nerve-rich parts of bodies and they take us everywhere we need to go. However we tend to spend our days in shoes, socks or sandals and oftentimes we neglect to include our feet in our self care routines.

In many cultures, the foot soak ritual holds an important place in daily life. Some cultures use it to greet guests into their home, others to cleanse and detox the nervous system, boost your mood, improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Overall, there is no doubt that implementing this moment of attention to our feet can have a great benefit to our body and mind.

Make your own bath salts

  • Gently grind:

- 2 tablespoons Dried lavender

- 2 tablespoons Dried chamomile

- 2 tablespoons Dried sage

  • In a clean recycled glass jar add:

- 1 cup of Himalayan salts or sea salt

  • Add the ground herbs to the salts in the glass jar and mix well together.

How to use:

You can prepare a soothing foot soak by mixing a quantity of choice of your home made salts to warm water. Submerge your tired feet in the salt bath for 20-30 mins. After your foot soak, give your feet some extra love by moisturising and gently massage your feet (we recommend natural macerated oils). You’ll feel completely renewed !!

Healing properties:

A warm bath infused with Himalayan pink salt and herbs is great for muscles relaxation and to reduce inflammation. The salt is absorbed through the skin to release pain and tension, exfoliate your skin and help heal soft tissues.



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