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What is Wabi Sabi?

Wabi sabi is an ancient Zen Buddhist philosophy that embraces a life of authenticity, calmness and finding beauty in imperfection. ‘Wabi’ refers to living in harmony with our environment, ‘Sabi’ implies accepting and appreciating how things naturally evolve and eventually wither. It is comprised of seven practices:

- Shibumi – finding beauty in unpretentiousness

- Yugen – appreciating details

- Datsuzoku - freedom

- Kanso – living simply

- Shizen – acting authentically

- Fukinsei – appreciating asymmetry and imperfection

Seijaku – Incorporating peace into your way of life

Why we love wabi-sabi

At the start of our journey with Minimal Organics we were determined to stick to our principles, and the concept of Wabi Sabi had a strong influence in keeping us true to ourselves and our values:

1. Sustainability: We wanted to encourage a sustainable way of life that finds value in organic materials and celebrates the beauty of items with purpose that are made to last.

2. Authenticity: Taking the time and care by using old school traditional techniques of individually handcrafting our products, selecting natural fibres that are carefully sourced and individually hand sewed and keeping our design simple, minimal and beautifully imperfect

3. Solidarity with Nature: Using organic properties, colours and fragrances directly from nature itself that eliminate ‘sameness’ that comes with mass-produced items.

Ultimately, Wabi Sabi represents our values in terms of living consciously, slowly, and knowing how to differentiate between what we want and what we need. It implies a deep connection with nature. Finally, it means embracing the authenticity in simplicity and maintaining tranquility by choosing mindfully what truly brings us joy in life.


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