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Product Profile: Solid shampoos

Our journey with creating our four signature solid shampoo formulas started in our family kitchen years ago! Our family was at the time only beginning to learn about the limitations and harm of 'conventional' self care products and the mama of the house decided to start creating her own zero waste alternatives for home use!

We all have different hair types within the family therefore different needs, from long thick wild hair, to thin oily hair, to dry and dandruff tendencies to coloured damaged hair. So the goal was to personalise our formulas and maximise the results while maintaining a natural, clean and minimalistic approach. This is how our four formulas were created!

We have come a long way from our own kitchen to a manufacturing lab and we want to share the highlights of our formulas, ingredients and production process:

  1. Quality Ingredients

Here are our 'superfood ingredients' that we love to use, which create the special touch and personalise each of our shampoo types:

MORINGA: Promotes Hair growth. Improves scalp circulation and invigorates hair since it is high in Vitamin E and C. Recommended also for hair loss due to it’s Vitamin B content.

WHITE & ROSE CLAY: Special for sensitive scalp, gently soothing irritations. Stop excess oil production and unclog congested pores.

GREEN PEA: Surprisingly rich proteins, complete source of essential amino acids and unique balance of nutrients. Anti-Aging, reconstructive, antioxidant, volumizing and strengthening properties.

SHIKAKAI: Rich in saponins, vitamins and antioxidants that make your hair shiny improving hair’s texture. Nourishes follicles. Prevents greys, fights dandruff.

Other nurturing ingredients we love and always use in our shampoo bars:

Aloe Vera: Contains proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells on the scalp. Acts also as a great conditioner leaving the hair smooth and shiny. Promotes hair growth and prevents itching on scalp.

Cocoa Butter: Moisturises hair without an oily effect. Prevents hair loss while strengthening fine hair.

Oats: Oats have been used for generations to treat dry skin conditions and can help with soothing dry, irritated skin.

Extra virgin Olive Oil: Used as deep conditioner. Delivers a dose of antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids to restore strength and shine.

We use the mildest tensioactive, which is Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate. Commonly known as Baby Foam due to its exceptional mildness, its deluxe foaming capacity and conditioning effects leave the hair and skin feeling hydrated, soft, and silky-smooth.

2. What we don’t use

SLS, Parabens, Artificial fragrances, synthetic colours, sulfates, triclosan, alcohol, Benzene, DEA, TEA, mineral oils, retinol, salt and any unsafe ingredients.

3. Certified products & Good Manufacturing Practices

All of our shampoos have been carefully tested and certified under the EU Cosmetic regulations. They are handcrafted and manufactured in small batches in a certified lab under the Good Manufacturing Practices legislation. This ensures that products are prepared in a clean environment and that the products are not contaminated during production, therefore safe to use.


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